( Refer to the maintenance precaution. )

Excessive valve clearance will cause noise, and little or no clearance
will prevent the valve from closing and cause valve damage and power loss.
Check valve clearance at the specified intervals.

Checking or adjusting of valve clearance should be performed while the
engine is cold. The clearance will change as the engine temperature rises.
  1. Remove the crankshaft hole cap and timing mark hole cap.
  2. Remove the valve adjuster covers.
  3. Rotate the crankshaft counterclockwise and align the T mark (1) with the
    index mark (2). Make sure the piston is at the top of the compression stroke
    by jiggling the rocker arms with your fingers. If they are free, the piston
    is at the top of the compression stroke. If they are tight, rotate the
    crankshaft 360° and re-align the marks.
  4. Check the clearance by inserting the feeler gauge (3) between the valve
    adjusting screw (4) and valve stem.


    When checking the clearance, slide the feeler gauge from the inside out.

    Standard clearance:

    • In. 0.05 mm ( 0.002 in )
    • Ex. 0.05 mm ( 0.002 in )

    Adjust by loosening the lock nut (5) and turning the adjusting screw (4)
    until there is a slight drag on the feeler gauge. After tightening the
    lock nut (5), recheck the clearance.

  5. Install all parts in the revers order of disassembly.


(Refer to the maintenance precaution.)

  1. Check for smooth rotation of the throttle grip from the fully open to the
    fully closed position at both full steering positions.
  2. Measure the throttle grip free play at the throttle grip flange. The standard
    free play shoud be approx:

    3 – 5 mm ( 0.12 – 0.20 in )

    To adjust he play , loosen the lock nut (1) and turn the adjuster (2).


(Refer to the maintenance precaution.)

The engine must be at normal operating temperature for accurate idle speed
adjustment. Ten minutes of stop-and-go riding is sufficient.

Do not attempt to compensate for faults in other systemus by adjusting
idle speed. See your authorized Honda dealer for regulaly scheduled carburetor

  1. warm up the engine, shift to neutral and place the motorcycle on its stand.
  2. Connect a tachometer to the engine.
  3. Adjust idle speed with the throttle stop screw (1). Idle speed: (In neutral)

    1,500±100 min-1 ( rpm )


( Refer to the maintenance precaution. )

When the cam chain is noisy, adjustment the tension in the following manner:

  1. Start the engine and maintain it at idle speed ( 1,500 min-1 ).
  2. Loosen the lock nut (1) , and loosen the tensioner adjusting bolt (2) approximately
    one half turn. Tighten the lock nut.
  3. If the chain is still noisy even after the above adjustment, loosen the
    lock nut (1) adjusting bolt (2) and the 14 mm sealing bolt (3) located
    at the bottom of the crankcase, and screw in the tensioner bolt (4) gradually
    with the engine running, until the cam chain becames quiet. After completing
    the adjustment, tighten the tensioner adjusting bolt (2) , lock nut (1)
    , and 14 mm sealing bolt (3) securely.