( Refer to the maintenance precaution. )

The service life of the drive chain is dependent upon proper lubrication
and adjustment. Poor maintenance can cause premature wear or damage to
the drive chain and sprockets. Under serve usage, or when the motorcycle
is ridden in dusty areas ( except UB ), more frequent maintenance will be neccessary.


  1. ( UY ) Turn the engine off, place the motorcycle on the center stand and shift
    the transmission into neutral.
    ( UB , NZ ) Turn the engine off , raise the rear wheel off the ground by placing
    a support block under the engine and shift the transmission into neutral.
  2. ( UY , NZ ) Check slack in the lower drive chain run midway between the sprockets.
    Drive chain slack should be adjuted to allow the following vertical movement
    by hand:

    15 – 25 mm ( 5/8 – 1 in )

    ( UB ) Remove the inspection cap. Move the chain (1) up and down with your
    finger. Drive chain slack should be adjusted to allow the following vertical
    movement by hand:

    15 – 25 mm ( 5/8 – 1 in )

  3. Rotate the rear wheel. Stop. Check the drive chain slack. Repeat this procedure
    several times. Drive chain slack should remain constant. If the chain is
    slack only in certain sections, some links are kinked and binding. Binding
    and kinking can frequently be eliminated ny lubrication.
  4. Inspect the sprocket teeth for wear or damage.
  5. If the drive chain or sprockets are excessively worn or damaged, they should
    be replaced. Never use a new chain with worn sprockets, rapid chain wear
    will result.


If the drive chain requires admustment, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Remove the cotter pin (1) and loosen the rear axle nut (2) .
  2. Turn the adjusting nut (5) on both the right and left chain adjusters (6)
    an equal number of turns to increase or decrease chain slack. Align the
    chain adjuster index marks (3) with the corresponding scale (4) granduations
    on both sides of the swing arm.

    If the drive chain slack is excessive when the rear axle is moved to the
    furthest limit of adjustment, the drive chain is worn and must be replaced.
  3. Torque the rear axle nut to:

    53 N・m ( 5.3 kg-m, 38 lb-ft )

  4. Tighten the adjusting nuts.
  5. Recheck drive chain slack.
  6. Install a new cotter pin.
    Always replace the used cotter pin with a new one.
  7. Rear brake pedal free play is affected when repositioning the rear wheel
    to adjust drive chain slack. Check rear brake pedal free play and adjust as necessary.

Lubrication and cleaning:

Lubricate every 1,000 km ( 600 miles ) or sooner if chain appears dry.

The O-rings in this chain can be damaged by stream cleaning, high pressure
washers, and certain solvents. Clean the chain with high flashpoint solvent,
such as paraffin. Wipe dry and lubricate only with SAE80 or ) gear oil.
Commercial chain lubricants may contain solvents which could damage the
rubber O-rings.

Replacement Chain:

( UY ) DID428VC2 or RK428M
( UB , NZ ) DID4281 or RK428

The drive chain on this motorcycle is equipped with small O-rings between
the link plates. These O-rings retain grease inside the chain to improve
its service life. However, special precautions must be taken when adjusting,
lubricating, washing, and replacing the chain.